बस यूँ ही

जिंदगी !!!
बस यूँ ही ...
न सबबचैन ,
बस कोशिश |

कोशिश !!!
बस यूँ ही ...
न लक्ष्य न  मंजिल ,
बस हसरत |

हसरत !!!
बस यूँ ही ...
न लालसा न  लोभ ,
बस ख़याल |

ख़याल !!!
बस यूँ ही ...
न वजह न  कारण ,
बस सोच |

और सोच !!!
बस यूँ ही ...


I am Sambav Jain, a Taurus by sun-sign and serene by nature. Fond of traveling, I have my   roots in the city of Taj, Agra. My experimenting ardor has led to accretion of various skills over the years. I take pleasure in singing and listening music. I am passionate about Dramatics and Designing. Photography is my latest crush and going to explore it further presently.I have a panchant for food and love tasting different cuisines.

I’m currently pursuing my B.Tech. in Computer Science and  Engineering from International Institute of Information Technology,Hyderabad. My research interest are in Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics and doing my Honors in same from Linguistic Technology Research Centre.

– Sambhav

“NO reasons NO justification, Just it is”

Hope the title says it all.


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